Khudhur Moh.

Hi! I'm a medical student from Iraq, with a passion for visual communications, I try to make designs that effectively communicates and spreads the vision of the personnel who believe in it, and then using programming to bring it to Life.

Who I work for?

Non-Profit Organisations/Charity

Totally free! I'm currently offering my services as Pro-Bono work, please visit the Pro-Bono page of the website for details about Eligibility.


I also do work for businesses! And 20% of total cost of your project will be donated to a charity of your own choice (commission-based fundraising), as a way to give back to the community (proofs will be sent by whoever does the donation)

What I Do

Web Design

I'll create a website that effectively communicates your message. I use WordPress as a backend platform because it doesn't require a programming knowledge of you in order to edit the content

Logo Design

Your logo is your identity. and the colours of your logo should be translated to every medium to create a unique experience for you and your audience

Domain/Web Hosting

A website needs a space within the web, I can provide you with that, discounts are available for non-profits and individuals


Marketing is not my area of expertise, But I'll do my best to serve you with that, I'll try to make web-designs as much optimised as I can