Free Web Design for Nonprofits/Charity (Pro-Bono)

As part of my willingness to give back to the global community, and for the people who need it, I decided to offer my services to charity/non-profit organisations completely free, However, there’s a certain criterion/terms for it so I can make sure I’m helping as many organisations as I can.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The organisation must be at least two years old.
  • It must have a minimum of 10 volunteers.
  • It has to be registered (in countries in which this can be done).
  • I apologise for not accepting religious non-profits since it might lead me to troubles.
  • That’s it! What are you waiting for ? Send Me a Message.

Hidden Costs

  • My services are completely free, however, there are some costs related to website development that are not related to my services, those are :
    • Domain name.
    • Web hosting (I’m able to provide it with a discounted rate tho)
    • WordPress theme (no more than $50; Using a theme is more time-effective than doing a website from scratch, But I do custom designs when needed)

An Apology

I won’t be able to design a website for all the organisations that are contacting me, I’m a medical student who have a lot of things to do, so please forgive me if I couldn’t reply to your email, I’m just trying to do work for as much organisations as I possibly can, but I would be impossible to do it for all.

Why are you doing this?

  • I get to do something I LOVE (designing) for the common good (a virtue I believe in).
  • I get to make a living by business referrals (businesses/individuals associated with the nonprofits).
  • 20% of my business profits will go to a non-profit/charity of their own choice!
  • Once I get enough business referrals, I’ll be able to provide everything free of charge for non-profits (including premium hosting).
  • And the cycle repeats!

Quality of Work

  • I will treat the work I do for non-profits like any business one (don’t expect a quality degrade; except for premium features).
  • we will have regular meetings/calls to discuss matters, you’ll see prototypes before the actual website.
  • You’ll have as many premium features as you’d like to implement/afford (the work I do will always be free).